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Making IT Solutions
& Servers Accessible

IT Solutions

By Industry 

For Small & Medium Enterprises  

All-in-one IT solutions for your office and various business sites.

For Video Production

Video editing workflow emphasizes on team collaboration. Easily scale storage when needed.

For Photographers

Focus on capturing the right moment. You know that your photos are stored safely.

For Graphic Designers

Unleash your creativity and potential. Spend less time dealing with IT related tasks and data storage issues.

By Functionality


Even if you are not physically in the office, there are solutions that allow you to access the documents remotely.

Private Cloud Storage

Stop paying recurring fees to 3rd-party cloud service provider. Create your own cloud storage drive that gives you full control.

Backup & Data Protection

In SME, data protection is often overlooked. When data loss happens, it will cost a few times more to recover the data. Some may not even recoverable.

Self-hosted Website

If you just want to have a simple brochure or business profile and non-business critical website, consider self-host. No need to pay recurring fee if self-hosting.

Install this application on your home screen for quick and easy access.

Just tap then 'Add to home Screen'

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