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Making IT Solutions
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Solution for Small & Medium Enterprises

An All-in-One Device to Solve Your IT Issues. Perfect for SME.

Digital Movement in Brunei

There have been a lot of talks about digitalisation in our nation with the objectives to increase productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

You can find all sort of promotional material about digitalisation from roadshows, services, conferences, news and the country’s masterplan.

But now, the questions are:

  1. How can Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) leverage the use of digital technology?

  2. How accessible is the technology?

  3. How to get started?

We would suggest SMEs to start from fundamental of improving their office IT infrastructure. In addition to office computers, they should acquire servers to centralise all the data and to perform certain tasks.

An Ideal IT Infrastructure of an Office

Active Directory Server

To control the computers and users in the network. Users will be required to login before they can start using the computers.

Backup Automation Server

Backup important computers or servers. Protection from accidental deletion & ransomware. Be part of the disaster recovery plan.

CCTV Server

Safeguard your office premises with a reliable surveillance solution. Comes with user-friendly monitoring, playback and analysis tools.

File Sharing & Data Storage

File sharing with your co-workers. Granular access permission to prevent unauthorised access to confidential documents.

Remote Work Solution

VPN connection to the office's network or enable Dropbox-like cloud storage drive allows co-workers to access files remotely.

Website Hosting Server

Self-host your own business website without paying recurring fee. Recommended for simple brochure or profile website.

Introducing Synology NAS

Believe it or not, a Synology NAS device is all you need for a good IT infrastructure in a small or medium-sized office. Your office does not need multiple standalone servers to setup the infrastructure as stated above. Acquiring server for each of the dedicated functions is not feasible for SME.

For SME use case, there is a higher chance that hardware resources will be under-utilised. A standalone dedicated traditional server will easily cost you few thousand dollars for a single function only, not to mention various other server functions to improve your IT infrastructure in the office.

Whereas Synology NAS can provide all the aforementioned functionalities in a single device. You can acquire it in less than a thousand dollar to get started. Upgrade or scale only when needed to.

A small device that can easily fit on your desk and has a huge impact on your office IT infrastructure.

Manage Multiple Business Sites

If your business has multiple branch offices, stores or operation sites, you can keep your data in sync throughout various locations.

Synology provide solution to allow multiple sites to connect back to the headquarter office via built-in VPN or file syncing server.

Getting data centralised in one location for easier management.

Easy to Scale or Migrate

You can start with 2-Bay model and scale up to 36 hard drives or more. If you so desire, you can even scale up to 1 Peta Bytes (1,000 Tera Bytes).

All your system configurations will remain intact during scaling or migration. Thus, downtime is at the minimum during the process.

Community Supported (3rd-Party) Applications

If you are tech savvy and passionate about technology, it is suggested that you explore the community server applications. There are always something for you to start learning and be familiar with new tech.

Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the common tasks that most businesses overlooked is to have a plan when disaster strikes. How can you retrieve your data? How long does it take to restore your business operations?

Synology provide various tools to assist with the recovery plan. You may contact us should you need any assistance on the planning.

Cost Effective

Affordable to start. Scale as you grow.


One device for all the functions

Easy to Use

Don't need a highly skilled IT person.

Highly Expandable

You name it. There is an app for that.

Added Functionalities

Regardless of which Synology NAS plus model you own, you can make use of the following built-in features as added benefits for your business.

Data Backup & Protection

A comprehensive solution to safeguard your valuable data without additional fee.

Private Cloud Storage

Create your own Dropbox-like cloud experience that you have full control.

Install this application on your home screen for quick and easy access.

Just tap then 'Add to home Screen'

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