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Introductory Offer for Invoice Ninja Installation

An Open Source Billing Management Software hosted on Synology NAS
· 16 October, 2022
Introductory Offer for Invoice Ninja Installation
Server Mart Enterprise

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When we first started Server Mart, our mission has always been trying to make IT solutions more accessible by everyone especially small businesses, and we really meant it.

As we have highlighted several times in our previous blog posts that Synology NAS is more than just a storage server, it is a server that can perform almost all of server functionalities at a smaller scale which is ideal and more cost efficient from a SME’s perspective.

It is very obvious that we are a Synology products reseller, and we have been deploying solutions provided by Synology for the past one year. In fact, the capability of the hardware does not stop there, Synology allows you to install 3rd-party server application on it as well.

Invoice Ninja + Synology NAS

With Synology NAS capability, we are able to expand our service to provide installation service for an open source billing system called “Invoice Ninja” on any Synology NAS. Invoice Ninja is perfect choice for freelancers or small businesses.

If you are still using Word Document and Excel Spreadsheet to issue quotations and invoices respectively, you should consider using Invoice Ninja. It is a user-friendly database-driven billing management application with a comprehensive set of features. Focus more on doing what you love and less on manual paperwork.

Few of the notable features provided by Invoice Ninja:

Print Invoice in PDF


Print Quotation in PDF


Print Purchase Order in PDF

Generate Statement of Accounts

Unlimited User Accounts


No Subscription Fee


Self-host on Your NAS

Safeguard Your Invoicing Data Privacy

Experience the billing system yourself at


The software itself is free since it is open source. As for the installation service cost, we have yet to finalise our service pricing. Our intention is to have various tiers of service plans in the future (i.e. Basic, Standard & Premium).

Since this is our introductory service, for a limited time only, we are offering the Basic tier Installation for Free* when you purchase any Synology NAS from us.

The other service tiers (i.e. Standard & Premium) are not available yet as we are still in the midst of planning and experimenting. However, we are pleased to share some comparisons between the service packages we may offer in the future.

Take note that the information below is not finalised yet and may change again in the future.

FREE* for a Limited Time
Service Not Available Yet
Service Not Available Yet
Installation of Invoice Ninja on Synology

No Subscription Fee

Unlimited User Accounts

Safeguard of Data Privacy

White Label
No Software Logo printed in PDF

Basic Setup
Change company's logo, colour & pre-made PDF template

Basic Training
Guides on how to  issue quotation, invoice and purchase order. Register payment. Generate Statement of Account.

Email Notification
Send invoice, quotation or statement to contacts by email

Custom Invoice Numbering

Custom Domain Name

Security Hardening

Direct Link to View Invoice

Remote Access
Use Invoice Ninja from home, branch office or anywhere else

With VPN** Solution

With VPN** Solution

Custom Data Fields
Custom Design PDF Templates
Online Payment Gateway Integration
Contacts Data Bulk Import
Invoices Data Bulk Import
Disaster Recovery Plan
* Terms and conditions apply.
** VPN installation service is billed separately.
Install this application on your home screen for quick and easy access.

Just tap then 'Add to home Screen'

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