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Why We Recommend Synology?

Especially for Small & Medium Enterprises
· 7 June, 2022
Why We Recommend Synology?
Server Mart Enterprise

Synology was built to tackle common IT problems that we can face nowadays. The device was designed with simplicity in mind allowing all users regardless of skill level to leverage the Synology products with great user experience. Hence, making a lot of server appliances accessible by everyone.

Whether you want to:
i) manage, protect and share your data, or
ii) increase your productivity in handling your multimedia content, or
iii) safeguard your assets and security on any premises,

You can let Synology handles everything as it is a one-stop solution to solve all your IT problems.

All-in-One Solution

Synology uses its own operating system called DiskStation Manager (DSM) that can be accessed with any web browser. The solutions provided by Synology are remarkable.

There are a lot of server applications you can download and one-click install from its Package Center (you can treat it as a similar concept as AppStore/PlayStore but runs on Synology NAS).

For example, some of the server applications that you can install and run are:

  1. File Sharing Server

  2. Private Cloud Storage (Synology Drive)

  3. Backup Server (Active Backup for Business)

  4. Website Hosting (Web Station)

  5. CCTV Server (Surveillance Station)

  6. Multimedia Server (Synology Photos / Video Station)

  7. and ... the list goes on.

You can install as many services as you want into a single unit. Yes, you read it right, you can install everything into a single server as long as the hardware resources allow. That will save a lot of cost compare to acquiring multiple stand-alone dedicated servers just to do non-resource-intensive tasks.

When it comes to a point that the resources are not enough, you can easily scale your Synology according to your requirements.

Some may wonder if everything is installed into a single server, wouldn’t it be bloated and causes system compatibility issue?

Well... solution provided by other vendor may require you to install their solution into a stand-alone dedicated server because of compatibility issue concern if it was to install inline with other solution. For example, installing private cloud server together with website server.

Unlike solution from Synology, both hardware and software have been tested together to ensure there is no compatibility issue. Therefore, you can rest assure that everything will be alright.

If you are adventurous enough and like to tinker with new things, there is a catalogue of community supported (3rd-party) applications available which can be enabled. Once enabled, there are easily more than 100,000 server applications available for you to browse and install.

However, using 3rd-party application will require you to have a bit of technical skill and be familiar with the application you are installing. Take it as a good starting point to learn any new technology.

All in all, you won’t go wrong with Synology to solve your IT issues.

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